Beatrice Giacometti

Dott.ssa in traduzione e interpretazione di conferenza


Thanks to the accurate terminological research I can offer a professional service in my specialisation fields. I’m also ready to work on and specialise in new subject areas and offer you the same excellent translation quality. Observing the deadline is a must.

Technical translations

  1. -Technical and Industrial field (manuals, instruction sheets, declarations of conformity), Automotive

  2. -Legal texts (contracts, terms and conditions, sentences)

  3. -Financial texts (balance sheets)

  4. -Enterprise softwares (user prompting)

Advertising texts and creative translations

  1. -Websites (company portals, online stores, advertising campaigns)

  2. -Tourism (websites, catalogues, travel guides)

  3. -Advertising (advertising campaigns, newsletters, brochures)

  4. -Browser games

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